Versatile Guards: Continental Tree Guards – Flood-Ready, Dormice & Bird Friendly, Wind-Resistant, and Wildlife Defenders

Continental Tree Guards After Flood Water


In the face of environmental challenges, Continental Tree Guards emerge as versatile guards, not only withstanding floodwaters but also fostering harmony with wildlife. Explore the features of these economic, stretchable guards designed for dormice and bird-friendliness, enhanced wind resistance, and protection against deer, rabbit, sheep, and hare.

Flood-Resistant Advantage: Continental Tree Guards offer an economic yet effective solution, engineered to resist floodwaters. Their stretchable design ensures a snug fit and flexibility in varying water levels, facilitating easy installation and enhancing longevity under flood conditions. With 47% airspace, these guards provide optimal resistance against floodwaters, ensuring their survival in challenging conditions, having flood protection. View the picture above to see how debris has been left around the bottom of the trees after flooding.

Low Maintenance, High Durability: Standout features include low long-term maintenance and durability, even in flood-prone areas. This ensures sustained performance amidst floods, with the photodegradable HDPE material breaking down in sunlight, contributing to eco-friendliness.

Dormice and Bird-Friendly Design: Designed with the environment in mind, these guards are dormice and bird-friendly, ensuring the protection of local wildlife while safeguarding your trees.

Wind-Resistant Construction: Built to endure, Continental Tree Guards boast enhanced wind resistance. Their robust design ensures stability, making them a reliable choice in areas prone to strong winds.

Wildlife Defenders: These guards serve as effective protectors against most deer, rabbit, and offer temporary protection against sheep and hare, ensuring your trees remain untouched by wildlife, contributing to their healthy growth.

Installation Tips: Ensure firm stake anchoring to withstand water pressure during floods. Remove stakes inside shelters before critical flood levels to prevent damage.

Concise Installation Guidelines:

  • 60cm Shelters: Support with 3ft canes or 75cm stakes.
  • 75cm Shelters: Support with 3ft 6″ canes or 4ft stakes.
  • 1.2m Shelters: Use 1.2m or 1.35m stakes for flood resistance.
  • 1.5m Shelters: Opt for 1.5m or 1.8m stakes for superior flood protection.


Flood-prone areas, Continental Tree Guards stand as versatile guardians, offering an economic, stretchable, and low-maintenance solution. With dormice and bird-friendly features, enhanced wind resistance, and effective wildlife protection, these guards ensure the longevity and health of your green assets while fostering coexistence with nature.