About us

With its roots embedded in Shropshire, Farm Forestry is one of the country’s well established forestry supply companies, with over 30 years experience. The family business supplies an extensive collection of planting accessories and bioengineering products from tree shelters and guards, fencing, drainage head walls to ground protection and wire fencing. It also supplies a diverse range of forestry amenity trees, conifers and hedging plants making it a “one stop shop” for all forestry, specialist agricultural and commercial landscaping needs.

A commitment to quality underpins the company’s ethos; continually working to provide a personalised service to all its customers and delivering only the very highest quality products. Always looking for innovative solutions to support rapid and healthy plant growth, all of Farm Forestry’s products are used in-house and trialled extensively, providing customers with complete product assurance.

As passionate foresters, the Farm Forestry team believe that the cost of protection is a necessary evil. However for a tree to successfully grow and thrive there has to be the correct level of protection. In 1996, having recognised a lack of tree protection solutions on the market, Farm Forestry developed and tested the British Continental Fine Mesh Shelter as an alternative to the tube type guard. It is alarming how many high-cost tube type tree shelters are currently used, many of which give rise to excessive maintenance. For this reason Farm Forestry is delighted to be able to offer its customers an innovative, cost-effective and trust worthy solution. The Farm Forestry product portfolio is in demand for agricultural environment schemes, landscapers and foresters of course, for products are continually being added as new innovations are developed.