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The Balance 'E' Type Shelter

In stock
The Balance 'E' Type Shelter is a Fine Mesh Shelter with 30cm Spray Protection to the base.
  • Superb Performance & 'E'conomy
  • The 60cm & 75cm high shelters are 80mm in Diameter 100 per Bag
  • The 1.2m high shelters are 100mm in Diameter, 100 per Bag
  • Photodegradable Hdpe, will breakdown in sunlight
  • Fine Mesh, greater ventilation for stronger stems with 30cm herbicide shield
  • Strong fine mesh of vertical and horizontal construction allows easy erection
  • Flat packed in boxes or bags, easy transportation, low Carbon footprint
  • Visually pleasant, wind resistant and bird friendly, green in colour
  • Use with internal stake supports or two canes for the 60cm & 75cm shelters
  • *One Staple Gun is included within price for orders of 1,000 + shelters
  100 per bag 100 per bag
Quantity 60cm x 80mm Diam 75cm x 80mm Diam Quantity 1.2m x 100mm Diam
200 + 66p 80p 100 + 145p
300 + 61p 74p 300 + 135p
500 + 51p 67p 600 + 121p
1,000 + 49.5p* 59p* 1,000 + 116p
1,500 + 48p* 58p* 2,400 + 114p
2,500 + 46p* 57p* 4,800 + 110p
3,500 + Please ask for quotation 5,400 + Please ask for quotation


All + VAT.

(Price does note include ties)

*One Staple Gun included for orders of 1,000 or more of 60cm or 75cm shelters only.

Ask for reduced price if no gun required.

* Please Order in Bag Quantities Only

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The Balance 'E' Type Shelter is a Fine Mesh Shelter with 30cm Spray Protection to the base.


Balance ‘E’ Type not recommended for use on conifers — it is considered too narrow.

60cm Shelters can be supported with 1 or 2, 3ft 14/16lb or 3ft 16/18lb canes placed on the windward side of the shelter and stapled through mesh. The size of cane used will depend on site exposure and soil depth. With 75cm Shelters use 3’ 6” 18/20lb or 4’ 22/24lb canes.

1.2m Shelters can be supported by one 1.2m or 1.35m 32x32mm stakes or one 5ft 28/32lb cane placed inside shelter and fixed via an R36 or R34 Staple Gun in 2 places through mesh.

Cane supports should be adequate for fast growing trees on suitable, unexposed sites. Stakes should be used if exposed. The type of support will depend on individual site conditions and exposure.

No liability will be accepted for windblown shelters if not suitably secured. (Stakes must be no more than 30cm below shelter top when knocked in).

Usage Notes: Beech planted in Balance shelters should be greater than 40cm height to reduce woolly aphid problems as found with tubes. Red Cedars should not be planted in Balance Shelters.

Stakes placed inside shelters will need to be removed prior to tree stem rubbing the stake. These shelters have built in vertical weakness and will split vertically in time, but this will depend on UV penetration and sunlight over a number of years, causing degradation of the shelter sidewalls.

The removal of shelters should be considered if sufficient degradation of the material has not occurred prior to the stem breakout or damage.


We endeavour to delivery all products in the time frame agreed, however we do not accept liability for delayed delivery due to factors outside our control, or any liability should trees be planted prior to guard delivery. No liability will be accepted for any costs resulting from incorrect addresses or postcodes used on delivery addresses due to errors or omissions.

Goods delivered via pallet must be met and signed for. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure access is available for large vehicles. Any Re-Delivery charges incurred will be charged to the customer. Goods left unsigned for at the customers request will be at the customers risk, Farm Forestry Co will accept no liability for goods left unsigned for, and no claim for any consequential loss will be accepted.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing no goods supplied by the Company to the Customer are on a sale or return or sample basis. No goods once delivered may be returned to the Company without prior authority from the Company unless those goods are accepted by the Company as being defective in some way. In the event of a return being authorised by the Company the Company shall have the right to charge carriage to and from the delivery location. A Handling fee of £25.00 plus Vat @ 20% will be applied to all returns.All goods should be returned in their original packaging and if not defective they should be in a saleable condition.


Whilst every effort is made to supply stock of best quality, no warranty is given as to description, quality, growth or productiveness. Whilst every effort will be made to supply orders to our customers satisfaction, no guarantee of completion by a fixed date can be given and no claim for any consequential loss will be accepted. Depending on the season some losses will inevitably occur and no liability whatsoever will be accepted for such mortalities.

The Company accepts no liability for loss or damage arising from the use of any information supplied.

All dimensions quoted in our literature are approximate only – minor variations are in evitable when manufacturing these goods due to ‘memory’ retention.

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