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Road and Ground Stabilisation Mesh

  • Easy to use, Economic and Effective Reinforcement for roads and embankments.
  • Allows a reduction in Foundation hardcore and gravel when constructing agricultural roadways, forest roads & tracks, car parks, and equestrian use.
  • An ideal solution for consolidation of muddy gateways - especially useful for horses and for general livestock access points.
  • H D Polyethylene.
  • Heavy weight 730 grms/m2.
  • 8mm x 6 mm mesh size.
  • 25 metres per roll x 2m width.
  • Colour: Black.

Please note: Our mesh is far heavier and stronger than other similar products.

Can be used in conjuction with BODMAT™ and GRIDPAVE

25m Rolls - 2m width
All Road & Ground Stabilisation Mesh prices exclude VAT
Free delivery on orders over £850

New Farm Track made with Premium Road and Ground Stabilisation Mesh
(September 2013)

This mesh will allow a reduction in the amount of stone having to be used to form the track, by helping to prevent the stone sinking into the ground. A further saving in costs can be achieved by no excavation of the sub soil, although this may mean that the track becomes wider as the stone tends to spill over the side of the mesh, without containment. Using the mesh offers substantial savings in terms of preparation costs and quantity of stone used.

Grass Protection
Premium Road and
Ground Stabilisation mesh
is laid and overlapped by
about 300mm. In this picture
2 rolls of mesh, 2m wide are
laid to make a farm track
of 3.7m wide.
Grass Protection
No excavation of top
soil has been done in
this case, however the
ground was levelled.
Grass Protection
The mesh is held down in
place with 15cm barbed
black pegs, which will
allow careful driving over
mesh with a tractor and
trailer to allow the stone
to be tipped.
Grass Protection
Home quarried shale
stone has been placed in
this case, on top of the mesh
and tracked in with a suitable
machine. This section of track
has a higher content of soil
mixed with the stone to
allow the track to be seeded
with grass in the autumn.
Grass Protection
The track is now finished
and is approx 4.5m wide.
The stone tends to spill out
over the side of the mesh
where it will be fixed into place
by grass and other plants
as they grow through it, to help
prevent further sideways
movement the stone.
Grass Protection
This surface will be allowed to
settle for 1-2 growing seasons
before a final wearing layer is laid
on top and vibrate rolled in.
Grass Protection Grass Protection Grass Protection
30mm down recycled is laid to a depth of 25 - 50mm deep and rolled.
This material is predominately surplus tarmac, screened planings and crushed concrete kerbstones,
screen graded to 30mm down. As supplied by Alpha Aggregates from the West Midlands Area.
Photos Showing Equestrian Usage

Grass Protection
Muddy gateway before the Road
and Ground Stabilisation Mesh
has been laid.
Grass Protection
Road and Ground Stabilisation
Mesh has been laid roughly over
the boggy area.
Grass Protection
The mesh is covered by scalpings.
Grass Protection
Mud and scalpings have combined to provide a growing medium for grass regeneration. having been flattened
and compacted by horses over the
previous 6 months.
Grass Protection
No sign of mesh, and a hard standing has now been created.
Grass Protection
Also used for equestrian use,
especially for improving muddy gateways and grass around
mobile field shelters.
Grass Protection

Photos Showing Road and Track Installation

Grass Protection Grass Protection Grass Protection
Grass Protection Grass Protection Grass Protection


The surface should be levelled and any deep ruts should be filled with crushed stone. All major projections should be removed from the area. The mesh is laid over the ground and overlapped by approximately 20cm. To help effective mesh positioning, heavy duty staples can be used to pin the mesh down prior to Type 1 roadstone being overlaid. Wet or boggy areas must be drained to avoid subsidence.

The depth of stone used will be reduced in depth by approximately 100 – 200mm depending on ground conditions and the purpose for which the final surface is required.

Once the stone has been laid, the area will settle and become more compacted with use. A vibrating roller will speed up consolidation if the area is to be used immediately after installation. The final surface, once consolidated and compacted, can have tarmac or concrete laid over it or merely stoned if used as an agricultural or forestry track.

Stronger mesh with smaller holes as compared to similar products.

Road & Ground Stabilisation Mesh for forest roads & tracks etc - Farm Forestry